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来自:Linyi XinZhongHe Plastic Products Factory 发布日期:2016/12/3
核心提示:As Chinese consumers pay attention to healthy diet is increasingly enhanced, people began to focus on the material of plastic lunch box itself is not able to achieve the health, health and safety standards, harmless to human health.
The box is not equal to the environmental degradation and degradation of one type of tableware, cutlery boxes belonging to the environmental protection.
With the overall size of China's environmental protection industry development, the relative damage is still relatively small, but the connotation of environmental protection disposable lunch box is widespread and continue to extend and rich. With the increasing development of market economy and the model of the adjustment of industrial structure, China is gradually increased from small to national economy direct contribution in the environmental protection industry, has become increasingly improve the economy and promote the effective operation of quality guarantee of the economy, the characteristics of industrialization is improving the economic and technical files. The connotation of the industry expanding direction mainly focus on clean technology and products, China's environmental protection industry culture concept gradually evolved into all walks of green industry chain, good environmental protection effect disposable tableware production is one of the important links.
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